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Our company specializes in natural stone. Founded in 2003, our company of professionals works in collaboration with a multitude of suppliers in order to offer products that can meet any of your landscaping, interior design, and masonry needs.



In 2003, our enterprise was established under the name "Les Pierres de l'Estrie". Shortly thereafter we moved to Mirabel with the objective of producing silicate sandstone on the land that we had recently acquired. This is how, in 2004, Les Pierres de l’Estrie became the Centre de Pierres Mirabel.

 Year in and year out, we expand the range of products that we offer through a growing number of suppliers, which allows us to stand out from the competition.

In 2008, we construct a workshop and acquire a guillotine, which enables us to expand our array of products and to differentiate ourselves thanks to the production of guillotined steps.

In 2012, we build a second workshop and purchase a 2.5 m block saw. This acquisition would change the image of the company by radically enhancing its production and transformation capacity and broadening the range of tailored products that it can make.



Our business approach is to ensure your complete satisfaction while adhering to best practices. We guarantee exceptional service and value for your money.