Professionals section


Is your company open to the public?

We sell both to private customers and professionals.


How do I calculate the quantities I need?

Our experts can guide you in evaluating your project according to our charts. We evaluate the overall project based on the number of square feet to cover. Given our vast selection of products, it is preferable that you come into the store. This way we can provide you with a quote based on the type of stone you choose.


Am I required to buy a full pallet?

No. All of our products, with a few exceptions, are sold by weight based on your needs.


Can I pick out the patio and wall pieces myself?

No. You may choose your pallets, but you cannot pick out individual pieces when you buy one or more full pallets.


Do you offer installation services?

No, our services are limited to consultation and sales.


Who can install my stone?

You can install the stone yourself, depending on your skill level and the scope of your project. If you decide to deal with a professional, it is preferable to use the services of someone who is accustomed to working with natural stone. Installation techniques for stone are not the same as those used for concrete block pavement.


What are the standards for ground preparation?

For sandy ground, you will need to prepare a 20 cm (8") thick granular foundation.  For loamy or wetter ground, the granular foundation will need to be 30 cm (12").


What is the minimum thickness for a stone to be installed on a granular foundation?

Between 2.5 cm (1") and 3.75 cm (1 ½").


What can I put between patio joints?

Depending on the desired effect, you can place polymeric sand (which we carry), or a ground cover, river stones or polymeric stone dust, for example.


Do you sell interlocking pavers or concrete stone?

No, we only sell natural stone; we do not sell imitation.


What is the difference between what is called "patio", "stepping stones" and "mega pavers"?

The term "patio" refers to flat stone ranging from 20 cm (8") to 90 cm (36") in diameter, "stepping stone" corresponds to stone 60 cm (24") to 120 cm (48") in diameter, and "mega paver" refers to stone 90 cm (36") to +/-180 cm (72") in diameter. They all serve the same purpose, which is to cover the ground for a walkway or a patio.


Do you offer delivery services?

We do not own a boom truck.


Are delivery fees included in the cost of the stone?

No, they have to be added in to the invoice.


Where do you offer delivery?

Delivery is offered anywhere in Quebec. For destinations outside of Quebec, delivery services of other companies can be used.


What is the difference between masonry stone and stone veneer?

Most conventional masonry stone is 4 inches thick. Veneer is a natural facing stone sawn in the back and is 1¼ inches thick on average. Also, its corners form a 90 degree angle. It has the look of masonry stone without the need for the same type of structure. In either case, the stone can be installed on an exterior or interior wall.


Do I have to seal my stones installed outside?

The only reason why you would want to seal your stones is to create an effect such as a wet finish, for instance. Otherwise, stones do not need to be sealed. In the case of a saltwater swimming pool, it would be preferable however to seal the stone to avoid calcium marks.


Do I have to seal my stones installed inside?

Though not indispensable, doing so will make them easier to maintain.


Do you sell sealer?