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grey limestone
Guillotined steps

At the Centre de Pierres Mirabel, you will find four types of steps:

  • Natural
  • Guillotined
  • Cut
  • Sawn and flamed

The natural stones chosen are of the highest quality. Depending on whether the slope to be covered is steep or gentle, you can choose from standard thicknesses ranging from 6 to 8 inches. We select steps of similar thicknesses for the same project, according to your needs. This way, you will avoid problems related to adjustments during the installation of the steps.

Some additional information:

Natural and guillotined steps are sold by weight while cut steps are sold by the square foot. For your step to be ergonomic, the minimum depth should be between 14 and 16 inches. We produce 18 to 24 inches steps to give you the necessary clearance when stacking stones. 

The length of the steps is variable depending on your project, starting from 2.5ft to 6ft. Larger sizes must be approved prior to order preparation. 



Sawn and flamed steps
Though these steps have a natural shape and look, their uniform thickness (7") means that they can be installed more quickly.
Their top and bottom sides are sawn and their upper surface has a flamed finish, making it easier to sweep off the snow.
Guillotined steps

These are natural steps in which the front and/or back has been guillotine cut and then are sorted by width in order to obtain relatively uniform steps for the entire project. The depth of these steps is based on the needs of the customer with a minimum of 18 inches. The façade may be natural or guillotined, while the ends are generally not cropped.

Note that a guillotine is a machine that cuts stone so as to create a split face without leaving a trace.

Cut steps
These rectangular-shaped steps are precisely sized and generally have a more urban feel to them.
They are more costly as their manufacture is more demanding.
Natural steps


These are randomly-shaped steps. Although their thickness is consistent, their shapes will vary.